What is Evolve Beyond™?

A podcast that touches on life’s experiences and in turn
guides you to your greatest wisdom, truth, and energetic potential.

Living your purpose, now.

Many of the most fundamental questions in our daily lives remain unanswered because we don’t stand still long enough to ask them. Effectively we never become aware of the abundant joy that exists all around us that is there for us tap into at all times.

We hope that this podcast series touches you wherever you live in your heart and soul, igniting your awareness with passion for a deeper understanding of yourself, your loved ones, colleagues, associates and the collective environments that you choose to frequent. We invite you to Evolve Beyond™.

We’re here if you need us.

Amy and Michael are available for consultations, speaking events, bespoke workshops and webinars.

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Who is Amy Elizabeth…

Amy’s formal educational background is in psychology and education. Over the past two decades, she has coupled this with multiple forms of energy medicine to assist her clients in identifying and living their highest evolution. She believes soul evolution is an everyday choice that we can all make, and her work focuses on assisting her clients to clear out redundant energies, and create pathways to a fulfilling, majestic, and holistic spiritual existence.

Amy utilizes ancient practices, tools, and rituals that have been long understood by the wisdom of the ancients, and all of which are being ever more supported by modern scientific evidence. Having worked with high achievers, influencers, many decorated military service members, professional athletes, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, Amy has, co-created a map to navigate living the life you were created to live in connectivity, joy, and peace.

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Who is Michael Adams…

Michael is a human behaviour specialist who focuses on psychology and narrative therapies. He is also an internationally respected marketing consultant, mentor, business growth strategist, and public speaker.

In a professional career that spans over 40 years, Michael has practiced in the areas of elite professional sports, corporate business, as well as multiple public and private sector environments across four continents.

In the past decade, his focus has been in the field of personal, interpersonal, and collective development, specifically looking at improving individual’s dialogue with themselves and with others, in order to reach their full potential in life. He continues to develop new techniques that can be simply deployed by individuals to use in their everyday lives.

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